Mind full or Mindful?

Do you ever get to think about what you are thinking about? What does that even mean?

Your thoughts can overrun you very easily and quite often, if you allow your thoughts the power to control you. Emotionally we can become handicapped because of the impact of our thoughts. Taking the time to think about what you are thinking about, can be a solution to your endless thinking about things that you don’t even have control over. When I have posed the question on others, I think of myself. Am I mindful or is my mind full? Well, frankly, it depends on the way things are going for me. I can say indefinitely, today I think a lot about consequences. That helps.

So, if I am upset by something that is said to me, I have to instantly zip my mouth and think about what I am going to say. I can have a sassy mouth, especially if my pride is stepped on or I feel betrayal in some way, (sometimes I can be sensitive), so I have to make sure I do not respond with something I will have to apologize for later. I don’t like to have to apologize, but I can admit when I am wrong. It used to be a harder pill to swallow until I grew up and learned that the world is divided only by each single individual and the world that they all operate in, revolves around themselves — well, in our own minds.

Sounds crazy, but think about it. Every thought you have revolves around what you were raised to think, what you learned/were taught, and what you experienced– all of it being our own opinions. So, your world revolves around you. The only time that differs is when you figure out how to process acceptance for EVERYTHING. Lol. Exactly, everyday, all the time. Accept what is– and either make a move or leave it alone.

Let’s get back to Mindfulness. My mind can be full of you know what, at the wrong time– that always causes a circus in my brain. But after I realize I’m in my 40’s — not as young as I used to be– and can potentially have a heart attack or a stroke, I have to jump out of the circus before too long. Of course, that entails, coming up with a solution to whatever is clouding my mind. It doesn’t happen as easily as I would like it to, but again, acceptance, is the key to even a moment such as that. I tend to either find a solution or go to sleep. By the time I wake up, I have been blessed with a plan, usually.

And I can be mindful the other 85% of the time. I’d like to say that I am mindful most of the time because I do think, I tend to be aware, and my conscious deals with me about reality. The truth is it matters if I am mindful or not. My life isn’t just about how I perceive the world around me, but how I help my children to consider their own perceptions, through my teachings, my world. I try to be mindful of those around me, what I am doing, adding or taking away, and how I am about myself. I am mindful about how I feel, that is always a “thing” for me. After learning more and more about people, personalities, behavior, and other aspects of our creation, I know it starts with how I feel–at least that is the kickstart of things to come. Then I have to consider what, or who, how or why, I feel the way I do. That can go a long way. If I can understand– be mindful of what is “what,” then I can filter through the situation or “feeling,” and get on with everything else.

I will say, when I laid back on the sand the other day, and looked up at the sky, it was me and the sky. I was certainly mindful of that beauty. There was nothing else to think of in that moment. And then, as natural as when I take a breath, I pull my baby girl close to my chest and hug her, thanking God for the moments when I am aware. The sanity……….

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