Acknowledge and Live

Denial is such a terrible waste of energy and time. When we refuse to address or merely admit there is an issue, we take great strides in the opposite of progression. We regress or just don’t grow at all. We can achieve greatness when we can admit, address, and recover from anything that may be hindering our advancement in life.

The most obvious of denials is when a person or persons are dealing with a problem addiction. Let’s not fail to mention here about the many addictions that plague our society. We have alcohol, hoarding, gambling, mind/mood altering substances, sex, hustling, and many more that could be mentioned. These addictions all come with a price. So whether you acknowledge or deny the actuality of your problem/addiction or not, the repercussions of the behavior will seep to the surface.

So what next? You decide you can no longer take the agony. Your consistent desire to seek gratification through your addiction is becoming a nuisance. Your personal relationships are becoming less meaningful, and you do nothing to salvage them. You disregard or dismiss any advice or suggestions of the truth. You are missing sleep, skipping meals, and have become more anxious and/or depressed. It’s time to do something or you feel like your life will be over. You admit you can no longer live like that.

It’s not easy to just go into a rehab or seek professional help with your problems. That is a fact, and it doesn’t set you aside from everyone else. The task to get help is challenging, but can be one of the easiest things to do. You seek help, the “helper,” helps you. No one can keep you from continuing in your “problem.” If you are serious about getting better and engaging in life with a more positive approach, go get the help you need. A phone call, an email, or whatever other resource that is out there is not that far away. Your life may depend on your next move. Your family, friends and other important aspects of your life may be on the line. Go for it! I promise, it’s worth a try! I know!

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